Settling into the ship

Well, after all the anticipation we're finally on board! Now begins the orientation to the ship. Safety lectures, the captain's address, tours of the ship: a maze of staircases  - many of them one way: i.e. the stairs on the port side only take you up, the stairs on the starboard only take you down. Which is port? That's the left of the ship as you face the bow (memory aid: port and left have the same number of letters). A sea of faces to get to know. Everyone very friendly and helpful: total strangers offering assistance unbidden if they see a 'newbie' looking lost. Ship routines to get used to. Quiet at night (although as there are two 12 hour shifts, there's always someone asleep in the cabins), but once we're underway tomorrow it will be a different story as our cabins are quite low down. Tonight? A last group meal onshore at a Chinese restaurant. Tomorrow? Dinner on the open ocean!


St Joseph's

The one way sytems are awful at High School but i'm starting to get used to them hope you do too.


a hardcore three weeks or so of learning!

Hi, David.

I was on the JR last summer with the SOR. I am really excited to follow your journey and get new perspectives from the current group on board. I'll be showing the JR to my students in class tomorrow. I got so little sleep on the JR because I felt like I would miss out on something if I did.

Heather Renyck
formerly northern NH but currently western NY

we can sleep back on land!

I know what you mean about missing out on something. 2 nights ago a handful of us kept watch on the moopool for 6 hours waiting for the re-entry cone to be deployed, which it finally was at 0:45. All tired the next day but a fantastic thing to see.