Expedition 330: Louisville Seamount Trail

  December 13th, 2010 - February 12, 2011
Location: Auckland, New Zealand to Auckland, New Zealand

Co-chief Scientists: A<nthony Koppers (Oregon State University ) & Toshitsugu Yamazaki< (Geological Survey of Japan, AIST)


Staff Scientist: Jorg Geldmacher
Logging Staff Scientist: Louise Anderson

Videographer: Lisa Strong
Education Officer: Kevin Kurtz

In December 2010, an international team of scientists set sail in the South Pacific on the research drilling vessel JOIDES Resolution on an eight- week expedition along the 4300 km long Louisville seamount trail.  The objective: to better understand the movement  and evolution of the hotspot that created this chain of underwater volcanoes. The JR drilled for cores at five different sites at depths of up to 1840 meters (6037 feet)! The data collected will be compared with the better studied Hawaiian island-Emperor seamount trail to help determine if the chains of volcanoes created by hotspots are a result solely of the movement of the tectonic plate above the hotspot, or if the hotspots are also moving within the mantle. The core data will also be used to see if the chemical makeup of the rocks in the seamounts and guyots is consistent across the Louisville seamount chain, or if the geochemistry of these volcanic rocks changes as the hotspot ages. 

To see a video overview of the expedition mission, click here<.


 So, How Do I Learn More?

Easy! Check out the Blog<s from the expedition to learn about the scientists onboard and find out what they were doing on the expedition  (links to the Expedition 330 bloggers can be found at the bottom of this page) . To read the daily science reports and blogs of co-chief scientist  Anthony Koppers, visit his Expedition 330 website<. To see photos, visit the online photo album of the expedition<

The scientists conducted 30 videoconferences with schools and museums. To read an article about one of these, click here<.

 Where are the Scientists From?

Science on the research drilling ship JOIDES Resolution is an international effort. This map shows the hometowns of all the members of the Expedition 330: Louisville Seamount Trail science party. Click on a placemark to find out who is originally from that town, what their role is during the expedition and where they currently live.

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 Meet the Expedition 330 Bloggers

Becky Williams<- writes about being a volcanologist and petrologist onboard the JR

Jason Sylvan< - writes about being a microbiologist on this expedition

JR junior<- is written  for kids and is about the science and scientists on the JR (written by Kevin Kurtz)

Kevin Kurtz< - provides background on seamounts, hotspots and the science objectives of this expedition

Educator Ideas< - provides suggestions of interactive activities related to the science of this expedition that classroom teachers, informal educators or anyone else can try (written by Kevin Kurtz).




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