Out To Sea To See the Subseafloor

What is this and what does it do?







This is a picture of the JASON. It is an underwater remotely operated vehicle, which will be used on this next expedition to go down to the bottom of the sea and collect data. It is kept on the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute ship Atlantis.


The Atlantis will soon set sail for a research expedition, AT 18-07, about 100 miles off the coast of Oregon. Many inquisitive scientists and expert crew members will be on board.

I am a teacher who will be there too for the next 3 weeks. I, along with the other educators listed on the front page link, will be your personal contact to answer any questions you may have about this oceanographic research happening right now! Send me a question by clicking on the Add new comment< button below. Then check back in a few days to see an answer. You may also check us out on the Facebook and twitter links below. Come join us as we begin our own "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea"

Picture credits: WHOI


Hi Mrs. Kane! Out of all the

Hi Mrs. Kane!

Out of all the people that apply for this program how many actually get to become a part of it? What made you want to apply or how did you first hear about it? I really look forward to starting physics in the fall!! I can't say I know much about the field but I've heard great things!

-Madison Ri

I don't know how many people

I don't know how many people applied. I do encourage you to go for something you really want and don't give up with the first rejection. I learned about this program from a friend. Physics will be wondrous!

Hi Mrs. Kane, what is some

Hi Mrs. Kane, what is some specific information that the JASON collects?
-Katie Krasniewski

How long does the JASON have

How long does the JASON have to be submerged underwater in order for it to collect the data needed?

Sara Beth Co

Hi Sara Beth! It depends on

Hi Sara Beth! It depends on what experiment it is collecting data for. It is like asking you how long it will take you to go to the store and pick out a new tennis racket? JASON is only the tethered underwater robot. It IS slow going down there because it is difficult maneuvering the arm and he can't make any mistakes.Thanks for writing!

Mary Gi: How exactly is JASON

Mary Gi:
How exactly is JASON launched, Mrs. Kane? Do you have to lower it into the water, or do scientists actually place it there? (I have no idea how you could do that anyways!)

Hi Mary. I will give you a

Hi Mary. I will give you a link to a Youtube video showing how it is launched tomorrow (hopefully) It is very exciting to see. Check back to my blog Wed.Thanks for writing.

Mrs. Kane

My name is Lauren Alberti and I am excited to be in your physics class next year! I was wonder how your expedition and your research on this boat relates to the physics lessons we will be learning this year. Also, in what ways does the boat The Atlantis differ from your boat last year, The JR? Hope you are having fun!

Wow, Lauren, great questions.

Wow, Lauren, great questions. I think I will take some time to compose a blog about these. Check back very soon. There is very much physics involved in sailing a ship and drilling and traveling to the ocean floor. We will study about all of these things! Thanks for writing.

Hello Mrs. Kane! It's Stacie

Hello Mrs. Kane! It's Stacie Moore here. I recently had you for 4th block Honors Physics this past school year second semester. I am now going to have you for Geoscience first semester. I'm already excited! My question is what data have you found on the seafloor so far?

Hi Stacy. Hope your summer is

Hi Stacy. Hope your summer is good. Mine is great!! It is kind of cold here though. Much of the data is digital and the scientists have not had a change to analyze it yet. Some of the data is showing that the holes are over pressured so when we open the tops up water flows out. I have some organisms from the ocean floor right now in a small vial in my jeans pocket wondering how I am going to identify them..... There are so many many interesting things here everywhere I turn! Thanks for writing.

Cassidy Croci

Hello Mrs. Kane,
My name is Cassidy Croci and I will be in your Honors Physics class in the first semester. I was wondering how you were selected as an educator for this trip? Are there certain credentials you must have? Also, what would you say that you bring to this crew in terms of knowledge and not just as a link to the followers of this expedition?

Hi Cassidy, I applied for

Hi Cassidy, I applied for this position originally through the Deep Earth Academy Organization for the School of Rock program. From there there were many steps that brought me to this point. I believe they were looking for educators who are committed to communicating the research of the scientists who work aboard the JOIDES Resolution to the public. I think I bring experience in education techniques, ship experience, and a dedicated enthusiasm that will help our team bring the work of these scientists and the importance of deep sea research to the general public. Thank you for your comment Cassidy!


What type of data are you collecting?

Hi anonymous physics student

Hi anonymous physics student (?) Great question! We will be collecting data about what has been going on inside the core holes that were drilled in the sea floor and were "corked" (closed off at the top). We will collect temperature, water chemistry, pressure and microbial information, I believe. Check out some of the other blogs on the topic CORKs for more information. Blogs from Andrew Fisher are particularly good. Watch the video posted on the front page. Thanks for posting a comment.

keyanna jo.

Hi I'm the anonymous student, Keyanna Jordan and I have you for physics. Sorry I had trouble posting my previous comment, but what else are you all trying to accomplish by collecting data?

Hi Kenanna! One of our

Hi Kenanna! One of our primary research objective is to measure how fast the water moves in the subseafloor. The scientists are doing this by adding a small "dye" in one hole and measuring when it shows up in another hole. This water flow has never been measured. Also the pressure data will tell up how how changes in pressure in one place in the ground effects the pressure in other areas.Thanks for your comment, Mrs. Kane