The JASON is real


Here is the JASON being prepared for the next trip to the bottom of the ocean!

I came on board the Atlantis today and, after getting lost several time and finding my way over and over again with the help of Dave and Jim, I stayed and watched the JASON crew work on the JASON for awhile. My roommate is the computer person. Wonderful!! Time to go exploring some more.


Geomicrobe Sled

I just finished reading the article about the definition of a geomicrobe sled, and I understand that JASON was at the bottom of the ocean for more than a year! How long is JASON usually in the ocean? Could JASON be damaged if it is exposed to water for too long?

Hi! I'm glad you read about

Hi! I'm glad you read about the geomicrobe sled. It is true that is has been at the bottom of the ocean for a year. However the geomicrobe sled is a small frame that was filled with experiments. The JASON is like a robot that can go to the bottom of the ocean and be controlled by people on the ship. It was the JASON that went to the bottom of the ocean to get the geomicrobe sled that had been down there and get it to the surface again.

Laura Earl

Hi Mrs. Kane! I hope you're having an amazing time this summer! Does JASON collect ocean floor samples or does JASON take pictures of the ocean floor and any deep sea creatures?

I'm not sure about all the

I'm not sure about all the things the JASON can do. What it is doing for us is being our hands. We have a pilot who is moving the robot arms to turn off dials and change instruments. We have seen some little sea creatures, one big fish and some other unusually organisms. When I see the camera pictures, some times it looks like it is raining derby and small particles. Other times the water looks really clear. The ocean floor looks bare, muddy. Remember, it is 1 1/2 miles deep here.

I have a question regarding

I have a question regarding your roommate:
Does the person running Jason aka the "computer person" have to have a certain degree or specialty?
Mary Gi

Great question Mary. My

Great question Mary. My roommate is one of the very valuable computer people that help us all and make sure computers on board are working, as well as doing many other jobs. She is like our computer person at school. The people who are in charge of the JASON are a separate highly-trained crew. There are electrical technicians, pilots and of course, the person in charge of the whole crew. I am sure they all have special training but I will try to find out about what you would have to study to be on the JASON crew.
Thanks for the question!

Ana LaV

what exactly do they do when they work on the Jason?

There were 4 in the control

There were 4 in the control room today: an electrical technician, a pilot, and two others. I think they have 3 teams that rotate when JASON is deployed because they keep JASON working around the clock. What they do is monitor all the controls and pilot the vehicle.There is also another large object called Medea supplies the power and is connected to the ship with a loooooong wire.When the JASON is in for repairs, they fix instruments, computers, lights, cameras, clean it, add and take away instruments. Try googling JASON, they're some pretty awesome pictures. Thanks for the comments,


....Dinah <>< <>< <><

Hi Dinah, I'm so sorry I am

Hi Dinah, I'm so sorry I am responding so late. The site was down and the connections slow, and then I was substituting in a shift in the control room. The control room was awesome today. Dinah, I saw the CORKS you had us paint last year. The paintings are doing very well!! Thanks for writing, Jackie

keyanna jo.

How do you have to prepare the ship?

Hi Keyanna, I'm not sure I

Hi Keyanna, I'm not sure I understand your question. Could you ask it in a different way? Do you mean things like getting enough food, fuel, and supplies for 3 weeks? Do you mean checking to see that everything is working correctly? Or do you mean planning for what we are doing? Planning takes years!!

keyanna jo.

Yes, I was wondering how do you prepare for what you are doing and what is needed to make things work correctly.

Hi Keyanna, Before I came on

Hi Keyanna, Before I came on board I read much about what the scientists were studying and some of their published work. I also decided on some objectives I wanted to accomplish and researched those objectives. I'm not sure the you mean by "make thinks work correctly" What things? Everyone has to be good at their job, work very diligently at it and have an extra portion of cooperation. I think that perhaps is a good recipe for working in any environment. :)
thanks for writing.

Cassidy Cr

Mrs. Kane,

I was wondering what skills Jason actually possesses while at the bottom of the seafloor.

JASON is a remotely operated

JASON is a remotely operated vehicle, which has "arms" to lift, move, turn, attach and open what ever the pilot makes him do. We call him JASON fondly but it is really many wires and computers and metal and instruments that all work together as an extension of our arms deep in the ocean. Thanks you for writing!