Scientist Alberto Shares with Teachers


One wonderful gift for the teachers on board is the opportunity to talk with scientists about science and how it is done.




Here Alberto shares with some the teachers.<


Hi Mrs. Kane! I think it is

Hi Mrs. Kane!

I think it is so cool that you were constantly learning more throughout this experience! Did you enjoy having that "student" role again? What was your favorite thing you learned during these discussions with the other scientists? (I bet you learned so much it would be hard to chose a favorite but maybe something that stood out to you or made you want to do even more research on the topic?!) Katie Mc's question about putting helium into the inner tube really got me thinking! I know that helium is lighter than air and I know that lighter objects are more likely to float but I don't really have an answer as to what exactly would happen! I tried to search it on the web but couldn't find any trustworthy sites! I look forward to learning the answer!

-Madison Ri

Hi Madison, To maintain the

Hi Madison, To maintain the motivation to be a life long learner is a cherished gift. I certainly did enjoyed the student role again, only I liked no worksheets or tests. I learned that it is important to persevere in science... and in life. I learned that there is usually more than one way to solve a problem. I learned that it is very important to have a thorough understanding of ones research topic so that the the conclusions are accurately constructed. I learned that the analysis of an experiment are usually not black and white but sometimes the results have to be interpreted in light of conditions not being perfect. For example, if all non experimental variables were not controlled completely, the results may have been influenced by conditions that differed in a trial that was kept as similar as possible. I learned that although equipment, software, and methods should be tested/developed completely before use that sometimes the last calibration or software instruction fix might be right before deployment. It is not a perfect world. I learned that admits all the expensive equipment, the most important resource was the scientists themselves! I learned there is much more to learn. I want to study the flow meters more. I want to make some classroom projects -competition about pressure. I want to know the answers to the graduate students projects. I what to know what the data the scientists retrieved means. I want to learn more about microbes. I want to know more about rock permeability. I only have a few more weeks before school starts again.....

One of my favorite childhood movies was Flubber. It made things "float" One day a few years ago when they had faculty student basket ball games, I wondered what would happen if I filled a basketball with helium for fun. What do you think, would that work? We'll continue this the first day of class... or maybe the second.

Mrs. Kane, Were you surprised

Mrs. Kane, Were you surprised by any of the new information you learned?
-Katie Krasniewski

Yes. Sometimes I had a wrong

Yes. Sometimes I had a wrong idea about something and it was good to get it straight. It is always good Katie to ask questions, even when you think you have it right, because it is important to learn things correctly. It is amazing how many microbes there are down there!! Check out the C-DEBE site for more information. If is fascinating. Thanks for writing.

Mrs. Kane

Hope you are having a wonderful time! Just out of curiosity, what did Alberto conclude with the pressure effects on the growth rate of the micro-organisms?

Hi Anonymous! I'm having a

Hi Anonymous! I'm having a tremendous time. OOH, I wish I had that answer too. It will take months to analyze the data and come to a conclusion. Maybe even he will need to come back here to get more data. Science really takes longer than we make it out to take in school. Thanks for writing.


Sorry, this is Lauren Alberti I forgot my name! and I will be in your physics class this year. Thank you for the reply maybe he can email you with any interesting results!

Thanks for telling me your

Thanks for telling me your name Lauren!

Hi Mrs. Kane! Being in your

Hi Mrs. Kane! Being in your ALTA for 3 years now, I know how much you love to teach. Here it sounds like you had the opportunity to be a student. What is something that stuck out for you that Alberto shared that you would like to translate back to us?

Sara Beth Co

hm, I do like to teach. But

hm, I do like to teach. But to teach is to learn twice. Learning is very much fun! I love listening to Alberto talk about what school is like in Spain and especially what it is like in graduate school. If I remember correctly, I think he spoke of how important it was to be well founded in the essentials because it establishes a wide and firm foundation upon which to launch more open ended learning and research. He received is doctoral degree and is now doing more research. This is called a being a post-doc. He is pretty much on his own for understanding everything -or finding out answers himself and to learn about things no one knows about. He is on the cutting edge of science. What an exciting place to be!

Hi Mrs. Kane! I hope all is

Hi Mrs. Kane! I hope all is going well. I'm staying at a lake right now with my cousins and we went tubing today. One question that popped into my head was "What would happen if we filled the inflatable tube with helium instead of air?"

I hope to talk to you soon!

All the best,

Katie Mc

Hi Katie? Are you enjoying

Hi Katie? Are you enjoying the motion of the waves while you float about on your lake? The period of your waves are smaller than what I am experiences, but we will talk about that in the fall. You have a good question!! What do you think is the answer? -extra bonus point if you figure it out!! Be careful to consider the size of the molecules and the tubing bladder and well as density differences. (difference between a regular balloon material and a helium balloon material. Things in reality are often more complicated than what you study in school. Thanks for writing.

Cassidy Cr

Mrs. Kane,
What was some of the knowledge that Alberto, as a scientist, bestowed upon the teachers.

Alberto's experiments involve

Alberto's experiments involve determining how pressure affects growth rates in micro-organisms using radio-active substances. He works in a special van so that his work does not influence other samples. (It is not dangerous to humans). Here he is looking over teacher Ken's work on bringing the science done on board to his classroom.