Expedition 336 Comic Book Art

Mid-cruise comics: We’re coming up on “Hump Day,” the exact middle of our expedition, so it’s time for another chance to win an Adopt-a-Microbe T-shirt! I’d love to see your graphical interpretation of our cruise so far…comic book style. You can illustrate your favorite scene from one of our blogs or videos, or include several events in your strip. It can be funny or dramatic, realistic or cartoonish…be creative! Your comic-book-style illustration must fit on one 8.5 x 11 paper, but can be broken into as many segments as you’d like. It can be drawn by hand or computer. Don’t forget to check out JR’s own comic book, “Tales of the Resolution<!

Contest details: Submit your illustration in an email to thejoidesresolution (AT) gmail (DOT) com, no later than Friday night, November 11. Entries will be posted on the JR website. One entry will be selected at random and the artist will win an Adopt-a-Microbe T-shirt! Winner will be announced on Monday, November 14. Prize will be sent from Deep Earth Academy.
tales of the resolution excerpt


moon pool

Hi Jennifer,
I've watched a few of the videos and I was amazed to learn that the compensator can handle swells up to at least 30 feet, and I appreciated the explanation of how the cores get cut, but haven't seen the answer to my biggest curiosity... how the heck do you put the pipe through the floor/hull of the ship AND turn it AND keep the water out???

Moon Pool

Hi suzi, I will see if I can gather some photos/video of the moon pool...it's quite an amazing place! The water level inside the moon pool is the same as the water level outside the ship...it's designed to let the drill pipe through, but not to let any water into the ship. Think about an innertube floating in a pool...the whole thing floats without water coming up through the center. Our moon pool is kind of like that, just with a roof over it.

Moon Pool Blogs

Moon Pool and Sand Bag "Chimneys"

Hi Jennifer,
Thanks for the explanation and all the photos and past posts. As soon as you said “The water level inside the moon pool is the same as the water level outside the ship” it made perfect sense.

In my freshwater world when we have floods on the big diked rivers the water in the river (between the dikes) can be 20+ feet higher than the farm land behind the dike. All that water pressure can create “sand boils”. Geysers appear where water squishes out in the farm fields through weak spots like animal burrows. If the geysers aren’t dealt with they get bigger and bigger and then the dike will collapse. The solution is to build a “chimney” of sandbags (as high as the dike) around the geyser so the water level/pressure inside the chimney is the same as in the river…just like your moon pool!

See this graphic of the “sand boil” and imagine a chimney surrounding the boil http://www.parkerdesign.info/AR_site/html/common_features/levee_work.html<