Core transfusion?!

I know that's what it seems like... but the inorganic geochemist David Hodell is just collecting samples from the cores collected at the Site U1385 (SHACK-04). Do you have any idea of what kind of samples he is collecting using these Rhizon samplers? And what kind of information he will obtain from analizing it?

Eu sei que é o que parece ... mas o geoquímico inorgânico David Hodell está apenas a colher amostras dos tarolos recolhidos no Site U1385 ​​(SHACK-04). Consegues descobrir o tipo de amostras que ele está a colher usando os amostradores Rhizon, bem como a informação que ele irá obter a partir da sua análise?



David was collecting pore water samples using soil moisture probes called Rhyzon samplers< that enable discrete sampling with minimal disturbance to the sediment surface.

The analysis of the interstitial water samples included the determination of alkalinity and pH, salinity, concentration of anions and cations, minor and major element concentrations, dissolved inorganic carbon, total inorganic carbon, total carbon, total organic carbon (= total carbon - total inorganic carbon) nitrogen, hydrogen, and minor and trace metal constituents.

And for the first time they also did some isotopic analysis (δ13C, δ15N, δ18O, δD, δ34S, δ11B and 87Sr/86Sr) aboard the ship during an IODP Expedition.

Está a extrair a água

Está a extrair a água (humidade) dos poros do solo sem danificar as amostras.
E serve para se observar todos os compostos dissolvidos na humidade dos solos ou sedimentos.

Diogo Cunha 10ºD

Mariana 10ºF

He's collecting interstitial water samples or pore water samples, that can be used to understand a lot of processes, such as: subsurface fluid flow, mineral diagenesis, microbial reactions, gas hydrate dissociation and glacial to interglacial changes in the composition of bottom water.

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