Tales of the Resolution!

Check out our graphic novel! Issues are available for download here<.

Episode 1: Tales of the Resolution!

Episode 2: Re-Fit Madness

Episode 3: Resolution Reloaded

Episode 4: Arctic Rainforest

Episode 5: Choose Your Own Tales of the Resolution - Jobs on the JR

Episode 6: In Search of Ancient Lava Flows

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This media is appropriate for all grades.


new episodes

When are the new episodes of "Tales of the Resolution" coming out? And how many will there be? I'm really looking forward to see them :D So far, I think the arctic rain forest was the best, but the others were good also


Coming soon!

Hi Dan, there is one episode currently in production and it should be published soon. We're also preparing and photographing more stories for "Tales of the Resolution!"


My son loved this! He is 7 years old and it is perfect for his age group. Thanks.

This is a great novel. I

This is a great novel. I liked the episodes a lot. It is a nice idea to present the information in such a way. I think people who love comics will love it. As for me, I like to learn as much information about the world as it is possible. I like to watch bbc documentaries. Here is the whole 8 episodes from BBC Oceans serie http://bytesland.com/view/BBC-Oceans< . I learned a lot about the oceans from them but still reading Tales of the Resolution I found out a lot of new.


This is a great place even for seventh graders!!!


We're glad that you like it. Check back for more issues soon. ;-)