JR Coloring Sheets

We've created two unique coloring sheets for you. Finish them both!

Stories in a Core coloring sheet< (PDF, 1.28 MB)
JOIDES Resolution dot-to-dot< (PDF, 1.05 MB)

Age Level: 
While all media on this website has strong educational value, this media is most appropriate for second grade.


I have downloaded both the

I have downloaded both the sheets and taken print out of it in my dell 5110cn< , then I have colored it also. It is worth seeing now. These pics are really unique. I loved the second one most because you know; I am not much interested in history. I am more interested towards the sea and its creatures. My Oligocene looks so beautiful after getting it colored. Please post more pics like this, but only related to sea and its creatures not from the historical time period and events.


i love this website so much it makes you smart but its fun