What on Earth is a Core?

Here's a collection of resources explaining cores and how we get them.

What is a core? 
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This one-page guide to cores explains what they are, where they come from, and how IODP keeps them all organized (we've collected a lot, so we needed a good system).

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Have you ever wondered how we are able to process so many cores in so little time? The core-flow process is a refined system for moving cores from the drill pipe and into the labs. This presentation shows the core-flow process in pictures.  For more about the core flow process, see chapters IV through VII in the Core Lab Cookbook, below.

Core Lab Cookbook
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Just like you need recipes to prepare a fine meal, you need recipes to analyze a core. The Core Lab Cookbook describes the procedures and processes that routinely take place in the core lab.

One Core at a Time< - Learn about the significance and importance of recovering cores from the seafloor.

The Life of a Core< - Find out how cores are recovered and analyzed aboard the JOIDES Resolution.

Drilling Through Time< (PDF, 71 KB) - How old are the cores that the JOIDES Resolution has recovered?

A Treasure Chest of Cores< - Great core images to examine and describe

(These four articles are also available as a PDF file in The Earth Scientist - Summer 2005< - A special issue on ocean drilling created by the National Earth Science Teachers Association (NESTA) in cooperation with the Joint Oceanographic Institutions.)

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