Sample Party: Let’s Discuss without Fisticuffs

The labs have been a bit tense the last few days, as the scientists are busy with the sample ‘party.’ Each scientist was given a sheet of colorful stickers with their names and group codes. The colors were assigned based on the group project proposals. Now they are tasked with placing the stickers on the core samples they will need for their post-cruise research.


Each group goes at a certain time, and you are allowed to ‘cross-tag’ someone else. That means if I put a sticker on a spot, the next group that goes is allowed to put one of their stickers on the same piece…if the want it. But, that creates a conflict. So, if that happens (…or I should say when that happens…because it’s inevitable) the curator and staff scientists will then look over the requested samples and make decisions to resolve the conflict with each member involved.


Hopefully we can get through this process without anyone getting hurt.


I’ve tried to stay out of the labs these last few days because I feel in the way. People are up pacing around, finding exactly the piece they need. Other people talking quietly making sure their piece hasn’t been cross-tagged…and if it had…they're figuring out a new strategy. It’s a level of anxiety I don’t care too much for. But, today I couldn’t help myself. The stickers are beautiful in a really simple way. And when they’ve been placed on the grey cores, it makes them pop. So, I snapped some photos of it. The core has been dimmed…you folks aren’t allowed to see it just yet. Sorry.