Sei whales

Many whales are swimming aroud JR, and they must be watching us and our study!

Huge body of whales, including both baleen and tooth ones, are supported by rich zoo plankton, such as krill, which is eating phytoplankton, such as diatoms.

So, diatoms are so important for marine mammals as well as all organisms like fishes to live in the ocean.

I want to know the history of the relationship between diatoms and marine organisms.

Small connect to Big.



Whales and Diatoms

Felix Marx and Mark Uhen made an exciting first step into better understanding this relationship on a macroevolutionary level in a Science paper in 2010. They found the diversification of diatoms and whales was tightly linked across the Cenozoic, but that whale diversity was also partly explained by changes in global temperature.

Marx, F. G., and M. D. Uhen. 2010. Climate, Critters, and Cetaceans: Cenozoic Drivers of the Evolution of Modern Whales. Science 327(5968):993-996.

whales and diatoms

Hi! Thank you for your valuable comment.
As you said, Marx & Uhen's paper is so important and famous, especially for diatomists and cetaceanists, although they noticed the co-evolution since 80s.
But I guess that there is a little detail reason why whales evolved synthesizing with diatom's diversification in their paper, although I strongly agree with their hypothesis.
About one year ago, I published the paper discussing the reasons from the aspect of the diatom resting spores and changes in ocean nutrient conditions, especially upwelling are important in their ages.
If you have chance, read it please.

Suto, I., Kawamura, K., Hagimoto, S., Teraishi, A. & Tanaka, Y. (2012). Changes in upwelling mechanisms drove the evolution of marine organisms. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 338-341, 39-51. doi: 10.1016/j.palaeo.2012.04.014.

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