Soon on the JR for School of Rocks


Hi ! In a few days, i'll fly from France to San Diego to joign School of Rocks 2009 on the JR. It is a very exciting adventure to spend some days on the JR oceanogaphic ship during a scientist expedition ... great !. I shall try to report observations, news, events of this expedition for my students and colleagues. So see you soon on the JR


  : à très bientôt depuis le Joides Resolution sur<

Jean-Luc Berenguer (french science teacher of SOR 2009)


Father's day

Happy father's day!
It's just a little pretext to write on your page...
What's up? what's the news?
hope you're can understand everything ;) and you're happy to be there...
take care of you

Where are you?

Salut Jean-Luc!

Alors bien arrivé???

news from the civ

Hi guy,

I get the feeling, you'll spend very exciting days on this scientist ship. Enjoy !!
Waiting for new (scientist or not!!), see you on your blog

Bon voyage JLB et bonne récolte

Bon séjour à notre ami JLB de la part de participants du groupe Edussimo.

joining you soon

Hi Jean-Luc,
I too am anxiously awaiting next Monday when all of us will meet up in San Diego and start the expedition. Have a safe trip!

We're so glad you're joining us!

See you in San Deigo!