Preparing for the high seas...

We are down to just a few days before the big adventure begins! I'm really looking forward to meeting all of you other teachers from all over the world! That's going to be an education in itself. See you all in San Diego Monday night - happy trails getting there!




Wow! Hat's off to the risk taker! I see by subsequent photos you have survived. Enjoy the journey.


The journey continues...

Hey Patti! Great to great from you - I guess i shouldn't have used that tiger photo - that was from when I went to Thailand to see Alyssa a couple years ago. I wrote that blog from home before we left! Anyway - I am surviving. No seasickness - altho I'm taking dramamine for that. We've been stationary for 3 days - they completed the cork cementing mission in ONE day - but had allowed 3 just in case. But the seas were calm and the technicians skilled - and they put that drill pipe in the hole with time to spare (they actually repaired leaks in 2 separate holes). I know,what was leaking??? The cores of sediment were drilled out several years ago, but another guy who studies the ocean water/currents/etc had put CORKS (it actually stands for something...) with instruments that measure all kinds of stuff on it. Well, it was leaking ocean water from inside and that screws the data. So, these drillers ran 40 barrels of cement down 2,660 meters of pipe to plug it up!!! Amazing.
We're heding for Victoria, BC in the morning -and will get to port Sunday morning. WE are all getting up at 5am that morning to see the sunrise as we sail into port. WHEW! Talk to you soon - thanks for writing!


Can't wait to see all of the wonderful pics!!! Glad to hear the bunks are comfortable. Don't forget the dramamine!!

WooHoo back at ya

This must be from Shiela, eh? (or Jan, but I think she's already left for Japan!). You must sign your comment or guess who it's from!
Dramamine good - taking it every night just in case. The winds are down from 42mph to ? but the ship is much calmer than the last 2 days - it was crazy! I've gotten a good saltwater bath standing up at the bow taking pictures! MMMMM. We are getting to see some cores with great geological and historical value. They are prized possessions and we are getting to take small samples to make microscope slides from to view the microfossils in them - amazing!
Back to class - have fun in Houston! Bet the lawn looks great, now!

Good Luck!!!!

Hi Ms.Hammons!!!!
This Is One Of Your Students At Dan Powell!!!
Remember Elliott Quintanilla???? Well Yeah That's Me!!!
Good Luck With Your Trip!!!!! ^_^

P.s. Cool Picture With The Tiger!!!! >_>

Hello Elliott!

So good to hear from you! You are the first Dan Powell student to write to me! It's beautiful out here and I'm learning a lot! Getting to see cores of crust from below the ocean floor - with all kinds of fossils and pyrite and metals - amazing! I'm lucky I haven't gotten seasick either - the weather has been rough so the waves are HIGH - you kinda rock to sleep at night in the bunk! Keep watching the blog and keep in touch, ok? Enjoy your summer. Ms. Hammons


Hammons- will you please collect a trinket of sand for me? I would love it- just like you did when you went to Thailand. Oh... I am with the kiddos in summer school ( Ahmad and Jamarlon) and they said to tell you hi :-)

No sand out here!

Hey Mac - we are out in the great Pacific - sand is a LONG way down, LOL - BUT, when we get to Victoria - I will try to get some (for both of us!). Dont' know how that will work but I'll get you SOMETHING! ok? Our "comments" have just been added to our blogs - (they have to be approved) so I know summer school is out now - but I'm glad the kids said hello. Talk to you soon.

Bon voyage!

I'm so excited to be able to follow you on your adventure. I look forward to reading your posts!

Lonnie Massey

Hello Lonnie!

So glad to hear from someone at home! This is already day 5 at sea - and I've not been sick! YEAH! The seas are high and we are rockin' all the time. It's beautiful - chilly! Learning a lot about the whole process of coring - toured the rig floor yesterday. Our destination is on the Juan de Fuca plate, which is a few days away. More later!

I'm so excited for you!!

Cheryl you are going to have so much fun!! Be careful out there and post pics!!! :-)