10,000 feet to sea level

I've just returned to Wisconsin from a fantastic conference on Atmospheric Science in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. I have for the first time really understood what this whole mountain biking thing is about. I hiked up to the Storm Peak Laboratory at 10,000 feet and could barely think, feeling totally oxygen deprived. Now I am gearing up to be at sea level for the next couple weeks (not that much lower than Wisconsin's 600 feet altitude). I have exactly 4 days to prepare for School of Rock: making a list, printing out details, packing and re-packing. I still can't imagine what this whole thing will be like. All I can say is, I'll be on a boat. I do have a picture of the JOIDES on my office door so I can point at it while describing my upcoming adventure to colleagues. So very excited.


School of Rock Ocean Adventure

Dr. Cleary,

I just got your e-mail about your expedition and think it is really exciting, and I am not just saying so because I am in your class next semester either. :) I look forward to hearing about your trip and seeing the pictures. Good luck and stay safe.

Michelle Scott

You survived!

I'm glad a bear or cougar didn't eat you! Have a great time on the ship!