My favorite part of the job!

There is something to be said about going to sea.  It's a necessary part of life for most (if not all) marine scientists.  Time to remind ourselves why we love science, the ocean, and our careers.  I am lucky enough to go to sea at least once a year for several weeks to collect data for my doctoral thesis.....however this cruise is a bit different!

I don't have to stress about data or accomplishing science goals....on this cruise all I have to do is be excited and talk about a subject that I love: my research!  I can't give you all too many details, as I don't want to reveal my evil plan to convert all the SoR teachers into geophysicists!  *evil laugh*  I think I've come up with an exciting set of lessons that will pull from their communal knowledge to help them understand the ocean crust and hydrothermal systems on a much much deeper level.  None of these concepts are particularly difficult to master, but often students don't ever consider them as a course of thought.  I remember my own discovery of this field 17 years ago and like to think that someone else out there might be going through the same process I did. 

More about my actual lesson after I've given it in a day or so!


Everyone is sure lucky to

Everyone is sure lucky to have such a dynamic and enthusiastic set of instructors! Can't wait to hear about your actual lesson.