It's RAD!

Aloha All,

Stand back:  I am now officially entering the world of social networking...Generally a luddite but it's time to try new technologies.  This has been our third day at sea aboard the JR (as it is fondly called).  The ship recently underwent an incredible renovation in which it is now running more fuel efficiently and a real green operation.  The crew take it to heart and walk the talk!  It is really awesome. 

The international crew aboard are all incredibly gracious and helpful.  They all make you feel welcomed and home and despite my many blunders.  They have such a positive and open perspective.  It has been very smooth sailing though Frigidly cold (in terms of a now acclimatized Hawaii resident).  We started having rougher seas as of last night but I'm sure my sea legs will appear at some point.

We have been very busy with introductions, being subjected to "Inquiry-Based" lessons in the form of inquiry.  Hah, all those workshops where they were teaching and having me implement inquiry-based have it done to oneself is a very humbling yet freeing experience.  At least I now truly know how my students feel - all those stinkeyes they initially gave me were for good cause.

But what of it:  It's all RAD...that is radiolarians...those little tiny microscopic fossils used to help date different sediments.  These Rads and forams helped us discover and touch the Eocene-Oligocene Boundary.  Wow!  And guess what - I've got lessons up my sleeve that I am currently working on for my students to do...can't give away too much as the need for surprise is important. 

They are keeping us busy and this is my first try ever at blogging.  More later with photos and introductions to my accompanying teacher, Goldie, whom you will meet on my next blog.   ;-)




Aloha Aunt Cindy!

Tell us about your your tour - are you getting to do any drilling or hydrology or analyzing rads and forams? love from Dena, Kendra and Gwen

Luddites of the world, Unite!

Aloha from an equal luddite. So what's inquiry-based learning? I hesitate to ask since you said it was painful and so I expect you will use it on me by way of answering the question ....
Keep smiling!

Hi Cindy Have fun. It

Hi Cindy
Have fun. It sounds exciting. Keep blogging! We're all eager to read what you are doing.
All of us in Oregon City.
Mom, Laurel & Holly

Have fun!

Hey Cindy, you go girl, look forward to your stories when you safely return. Aloha, CindyQ

Ahoy Cindy! Great to hear

Ahoy Cindy!
Great to hear from you! Have a happy and safe and scientific trip! And if you get a chance bait a hook and troll it over the side and try to catch a big fish.

Landlubber Mike