Ship Tour

Yesterday I took a tour of the JOIDES Resolution with Mike Storms, the operations officier for drilling. We started off in the Bridge and learned about the changes that were made to the ship in Singapore. The entire Bridge was raised one floor higher allowing for better visibility. It is filled with the latest technology. The view from the Bridge is great! The captain explained how the ship is powered and showed us the navigation room where the paper maps are located. We then moved on to the dynamic positioning is done. From the console in this room, operators can manuveur the ship to just the correct spot for drilling. Computer controlled thrusters are used to keep the JOIDES Resolution right over the drilling hole, even in somewhat rough seas. Human operators can also do the manuveuring if necessary.

We then moved on to the drilling deck where we got a closeup view of the drilling operations. Several types of drill bits are used depending on the type of material present. Some bits are for soft sediments while others are used to drill through hard  rock. The equipment used to raise and lower the drill pipe is enormous. It is also a dangerous place to be when drilling operations are being conducted.  


Sea legs


Just how "interesting" were the seas the first two days? I'm at Lamont's Borehole Research Group now, and the first thing I was asked was how my teacher colleagues are doing with the seas the JR has been experiencing?

Please don't forget to try to work on an article for The Earth Scientist with Heather and others. Just as the scientists have to have a preliminary report prepared before they disembark, perhaps you can consider this to be the equivalent challenge.


Mike Passow

Calvin "Buck" Buchholtz-Loving the Blogs and Pictures!

Hello Joe and all you Rockers and Staff,
It is great to be able to keep up with everyone and all that you are involved with on this pretty much once in a lifetime xperience for a teacher. The blogs are really great, a good mix of what is being presented and learned along with just the right amount of individual "spin" from everyone. It is becoming harder to remember where I left off. I know the highpoint for everyone is yet to come as you will get to be present for an actual on sight operation. That is something we did not get to experience due to rough seas which I am sure everyone now understands. One of the sites you will be at I believe is actually one we were scheduled for. Keep those blogs, pictures, and maybe more video coming.
SOR Alumni 2005