More pictures, by Dr. Ellins' request!

The waves have died down a little today, but this is what it looked like Friday and Saturday:


And it was pretty windy if you went out on top of the Bridge:

We got a tour of the back of the boat, where all of the drilling equipment is:


Drill bits and piston corers for different types of material (sediment or hard rock):

One of the shop offices on the back of the boat:


Last picture:  the moon over last night's sunset:


Sweet pics :)

Wow! Great shot of the bow with the waves!

Can't take credit

Actually, that picture was taken by Heather Renyck. Everyone has been generous in sharing pictures, which is good because I am not a good photographer.

missing SOR

Hey Elizabeth. I would have just played along if you had taken credit for that. : )

- Heather R.