Yokohama now behind us

Hi All,

Finally I have the chance to put together some thoughts and comments about the Shatsky Rise trip to date. So far the JOIDES Resolution has been both hard work and good fun with a great variety of people to work and relax with.
Yokohama was a very interesting place to visit. It was great that there are a number of Japanese people on board who helped show the non-Japanese the city. My plan for our evenings off the boat was to follow Akira, who is a Yokohama native. He invariably came up with something interesting for us to try.
We had sake that was poured into a glass that was placed in a small wooden box. Ken Heydolph and I were a bit surprised when the waitress poured the sake into the glass until it spilled over the rim and near filled the wooden box. But it turned out it was all about good service and the sake in the box was extra sake to enjoy once you’d emptied the glass.
We had a wide variety of chicken parts that I would not normally consider eating including battered cartilage, gizzards and hearts. We tried a traditional stew made of cow’s intestines. Just for a joke Akira and Masaya ordered raw horse, this came as thin strips of horse meat and fat. I tried everything and almost everything we ate while out in Yokohama was delicious and I can’t wait to go back.
I pretty much over packed for the trip. But there is one thing that I’m very happy that I brought and that’s coffee.  Life on board will start tomorrow…



I hope you brought snacks. Lots of snacks. That was the one thing I wished I had more of. I also overpacked, but I suppose that is better than underpacking, right? Enjoy the trip.