The "Hole" Story About Ocean Cores

The “Hole” Story About Ocean Cores will introduce your students to core description and curation techniques used by scientists and technicians during Integrated Ocean Drilling Program Expedition 309. Lab groups can work together to examine high resolution photos and data from four cores taken at various depths in this first-of-its-kind complete section of oceanic crust. This poster includes background information and five classroom activities on the back. Copies of The “Hole” Story About Ocean Cores poster are available free of charge by e-mailing <.

National Science Education Standards Suitable for Grades 9-12 and undergraduates Content Standard D: Earth and Space Science Content Standard G: History and Nature of Science

Download classroom activities from the back of this poster:

Visual Core Description
Students identify and describe distinguishable characteristics in one or more core sections.

Download Visual Core Description< (PDF, 992 KB)

Core Section Curation
Students use guides to catalogue and label one or more core samples.

Download Core Curation Lab< (PDF, 1.8 MB)

Mineralogy and Petrology of Oceanic Crust
Students examine and match whole thin section photos to the cores from which they were sampled.

Download Mineralogy and Petrology of Oceanic Crust<(PDF, 10.1 MB)

Drilling Rates through Oceanic Crust
Students calculate drilling rates over a three-day period.

Download Drilling Rates through Oceanic Crust< (PDF, 3.9 MB)

Density of Oceanic Crust
Students calculate density of samples from a core, determine the relationship between density and depth, and compare continental rock samples.

Download Density of Oceanic Crust< (PDF, 1 MB)


Poster Credits:

Writing – Alan Gelatt, Leslie Peart, Matthew Niemitz
Design – Matthew Niemitz
Images courtesy IODP-USIO

Age Level: 
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