6 June - 6 August 2021
Reykjavík to Reykjavík, Iceland
Ross Parnell-Turner and Anne Briais
Leah LeVay
Jose Cuevas
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Reykjanes Crustal Objectives

The Expedition Must Go On!I

Our scientists have shown an incredible amount of adaptability and resilience over the last year. IODP Expedition 395C plans to carry out the general planned objectives of IODP Expedition 395:

  1. To test contrasting hypotheses for the formation of V-Shaped Ridges,
  2. To understand temporal changes in ocean circulation and explore connections with plume activity, and
  3. to reconstruct the evolving chemistry of hydrothermal fluids with increasing crustal age and varying sediment thickness and crustal architecture.

We will be attempting this with a greatly reduced scientific presence onboard the JOIDES Resolution. Instead of our usual fully-staffed Science Party, the majority of our scientists will be participating virtual from shore. A crew of our Expedition Program Manager/Staff Scientist and a couple dozen technicians will work to ensure that the science will still be done.

Jose Cuevas
Jose Cuevas is the Outreach Officer for Expedition 395C, joining us from Boston College. He has experience in marine biogeochemistry, paleoceanography, and informal science education.
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